Quiz: Who Are You from&nbsp;<em>Back to the Future?</em>

Who are you? Doc, Marty, Biff… or maybe Doc's dog Einstein – the world's first time traveler? Don't be a chicken, take this Back to the Future quiz to find out!

1. It's Friday night, what's your ideal plan?

a) Practicing with my band – I play the guitar and love to play classics like Chuck Berry's ''Johnny B. Goode.''

b) Tinkering with my latest invention, I just can't seem to get it right!

c) Cruising around town and giving anyone in my way a good scare. 

d) A nice night in with a cozy dinner, maybe stretch out and take a nap. Who knows? Wherever the night takes me (my bed)!

2. What's your style like?

a) I like classic cuts and quality designs: lots of denim (jeans, a jacket), a good checkered button up, sweet kicks and a puffy vest in case I get cold.

b) I have two gears when it comes to clothes: whatever's closest (jumpsuits, hazmat suit, etc.) or something really classy like a silk robe and a Hawaiian shirt. Got to mix things up, you know?

c) If I don't have my varsity jacket with me, I don't feel like myself. 

d) Hmmm...clothes... I never really think about clothes.

3. If you could travel to any point in time, where (or better yet, when) would you go?

a) I'd go to the past so I could ensure my (and my sister's) existence!

b) Wowee! I'd go to the Wild Wild West! I've always dreamed of that rugged cowboy life on the old American frontier.

c) I'd go to the future to get the winning lottery numbers to give them to past me so I could become the richest man around.

d) I'd go one minute into the future – just to say I'd done it. Then I'd go back and probably take a nap.


Mostly A's: Marty McFly!

Your taste in puffy red vests is legendary (well your whole '80s-inspired look really). Your happy-go-lucky, up-for-anything attitude makes you the ideal travel companion. That said, you're not perfect. Your Achilles' heel? Anyone who calls you a chicken. But don't worry, you get over it in time.

Mostly B's: Doc (Emmett Brown)

Your mind (and hair) are bigger and crazier than anyone else's – but that's why everyone loves you! You invented the iconic Delorean time machine! You're equal parts genius, stellar friend and hair icon.

Mostly C's: Biff (Tannen)

You might have a reputation for being a little rough around the edges, but hey, you come by it honestly – it's a family trait! Plus, if it weren't for you, McFly couldn't pretend to be such a hero all the time, he'd just be a punk-haired kid running around town on his skateboard.

Mostly D's: Einstein (The Dog)

Doc might have invented the Delorean, but you, my four-pawed friend, are the real MVP! You're the first time traveler… ever! You can hear it now:

''That's one small step for dogs, one giant leap for dogkind!''

Whoever you are, stay in character with these designs from our totally rad Back to the Future Collection!

Thanks socks much for reading!

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