Inside the Inspo

From Dior’s haute couture to our latest collection of big top inspired socks, the circus has been permeating pop culture and fashion for decades. The pageantry, the over-the-top costumes and the celebration of the unique have all guaranteed that its influence is here to stay.

So step right up and take a look back at the evolution of the greatest show on Earth’s reach into fashion and pop culture!


The Rolling Stones, to promote their record, Beggars Banquet, filmed a concert on a makeshift circus stage alongside legends like Jethro Tull, The Who, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Eric Clapton… Talk about epic.


Britney Spears adopted the ringmaster aesthetic to mark her comeback after a troubled year with the hit “Circus”. (Yes, the song’s stuck in our heads too.)


Christian Dior’s 2019 Spring Haute Couture Collection drew from the circus’ rich history to create an immersive fashion experience complete with reinvented stripes and loads of sequins.


Jimmy Lion revives the glamor of the 1920s version of the greatest show on Earth with our latest collection of original socks. Featuring strong men, a rabbit in a hat and other death-defying characters, this homage to the big top is anything but forgettable.

Thanks socks much for reading!

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