Our Office, Our Story

After our first years in New York, Jimmy Lion decided to put down roots in Madrid. The then small team quickly moved to ‘‘The Studio’’, one of two joint offices in Manuel Becerra Plaza (Plaza de Manuel Becerra). 

Built originally by Pedro Bigador around 1936, this building’s as historic as it is beautiful.

Fun fact: The space was originally a photography studio!

As beautiful as it was, we had to make it our own. We enlisted the help of designer Marta de la Rica – and she did a fantastic job.

But our team kept growing! In need of more space, we moved across the breezeway to “The Office.” Even as we moved to the light and airy Office to work, we continued to create visual content in The Studio which we had outfitted to meet our creative needs.

Fun Fact: Before we moved in, the industrial-esque “Office” was a printing house whose high ceilings fit the massive machinery required at the time.

As fantastic as it was, we still needed to give it the distinctive flair that makes our socks so unique, so we asked Amelia Millán to take over.  

She made us feel right at home with her amazing signature design. 

But we weren’t finished! Our team kept growing so we ended up taking over both spaces! Now part of our team works in the clay-facaded beauty, while the other half gets their creative juices flowing in our renovated creative hub.


We love where we work and revel in making it our own. Inspired by our best-selling socks, we’re surrounded by pops of color.

This place rocks our socks off, and we couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Thanks socks much for reading!

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