Inside Jimmy Lion: Meet the Designers

The create(hers), Lucía (Product Design Director), Irene (Product Designer) and Marcela (Junior Product Designer), were kind enough to explain what goes on just so I can strut around with my favorite cool socks on my feet. 

First off, a few get-to-know-ya questions: 

Where are you from?

Lucía: Spain

Irene: Italy

Marcela: Colombia

Describe your design style with one emoji, go!

Lucía: 😜

Irene: 🤯

Marcela: 🐯

Now could you please walk us through the process?

There are three stages more or less: inspiration, design and production.

Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere! From music, TV, trips to museums, books...literally everywhere. We also get a good idea of trends from social media. We always try to bring something fresh to the table. 

Once we’re good and inspired, we start throwing some concepts back and forth. We love to make mood boards – the more pictures, the better.

How do you design? Digitally or by hand?

A bit of both. Once we’ve decided on a concept as a team, we start sketching the designs – by hand, digitally, whatever feels best. Here’s where we throw around some color options too. 

The team decides on the final designs and colors. Once we have the go ahead, we send the designs off to the factories!

And then production starts?

First, the factory sends us several samples and thread color cards so we can make any last minute changes. 

Once we’ve worked out all the kinks, we give them the okay, and the factory starts putting together the final products!

And they’re manufactured in Italy or in Portugal, right?

Yes, we like to keep manufacturing close so we can ensure the highest quality. We’re also starting to use more organic cotton in our designs. We’re aware of how important sustainability is and are taking steps to get where we’d like to be.

And that’s it?

That’s it.

Thanks so much! Now, don’t think, just answer:

Coffee or Tea?

Lucía: Coffee

Irene: Coffee

Marcela: Tea

Beach or mountains?

Lucía: Beach

Irene: Beach

Marcela: Mountains

Cats or Dogs?

Lucía: Dogs

Irene: Cats

Marcela: Cats

Concert or play?

Lucía: Concert

Irene: Concert

Marcela: Concert

Netflix or HBO?

Lucía: Netflix

Irene: HBO

Marcela: HBO! (But I really watch more Filmin.)

And finally, which socks are your favorites?

Lucía: Octopus!

Irene:  Insects or Hare Head!

Marcela: Beetles or Cranes!

Thanks socks much for reading!

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