Rituals of Self-Expression

A trial run on the foamy white crests of the ocean; another day’s commute through a sea of people on a crowded sidewalk. Somewhere in New York City, someone slides their shoes on, adjusts their socks. Somewhere in the Mediterranean, someone dips their toes in the salty water for the day’s last ride. 

Every move we make is self expression; every accessory we wear, a statement. Both style and surfing are two deeply personal rituals that call for authenticity. Both ask for an acceptance that not every wave, not every trend is the right fit – of knowing yourself before diving in.

Snapshots of Authenticity: Salt, Sea and Style

Despite bewitching Jack London and Mark Twain; inspiring The Ramones; and taking over Hollywood’s big screen, surfing stays simple.

At its core, surfing is freedom

At its core, surfing is freedom – a passion for authenticity, to be bold. This passion to be authentic, on and off the water, is a modern-day sort of tribalism that unites folks across different walks of life. From Montauk, New York to Santander, Spain, surfers nod knowingly as they brace themselves for the next wave. From Madrid to New York City, strangers smile at each other in the metro when they notice they’re wearing matching socks...

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